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Marcus Duchen

He is born in the city of São Paulo, capital, Brazil, in 1974.He started painting at 14 years old. He won several awards in Brazil and internationally.He has a degree in Arts and Architecture.

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We are excited to invite you to visit the Marcus solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

Sometimes it's better not to know the inner workings of it to better and intuitively appreciate a
work. Or perhaps just five or six gears... The path traced by the artist Marcus Duchen brings
these two parallel paths, which can be appreciated by intuition and are no longer in the three (or
four) known dimensions, and in a second path, based on course of art in its history. There is not
a gesture of coldness in any of his works – time and experience have already erased this
attitude from his traces. If there is premeditation, it is within the artist and not as an external
component, to contextualize the unsuspecting.

Marcus Paintings

Abstraction is the process of transcending tangible and external reality, resulting from an artist's
mentality in conflict with the surrounding environment, shaped by the artist's perceptions, emotions,
and sensations. The artist seeks to reveal a space in which real elements are manifested abstractly
and are freed from constraints through painterly action and a distancing from objectivity. In this
way, sometimes we are presented with a vastly broader perspective on the world. An important
characteristic of Marcus's art is the expression of emotion through color and form. This can be seen
in the dynamic interaction between perception and understanding, as well as in the selection and
combination of color palettes.

Sfumato Team

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