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Ann McCallister

Ann McCallister is an award winning artist who won 3rd place in a local juried show, honorable mention in an online exhibition, third place in another online exhibition and was also in Artistonish Magazine issue #25 Ann has always had a great passion for art but started taking online oil and cold wax classes in 2020. Lisa Mann Fine Art has been instrumental in teaching her how to find her personal voice. Ann continues to practice and create art in her art space in Sedro-Woolley, WA .

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We are excited to invite you to visit the Ann solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

Ann grew up along the cliffs of Santa Cruz, CA which inspired her love of landscapes. She then moved to the Pacific Northwest which only deepened that love. She comes from a long line of artists which has encouraged her creativity. Ann has been surrounded by art and artists her entire life and has been particularly drawn toward, and inspired by, abstract work. With her interest in abstract art, an eye for color, and a love of creating with her hands; Ann started making art at a young age. Life pulled her away from her work, but during COVID, after a long hiatus, Ann started painting again. It was at this time that Ann discovered the medium of oil and cold wax which has become her favorite to use. She has found unconventional tools such as: palette knives, clay shapers, bowl scrapers, and paper towels to be some of the tools she most enjoys using to intuitively create her landscapes. The many layers Ann creates through oil and cold wax builds the history of each piece that she hopes conveys her feelings and intentions to her viewers. If a viewer stops for a moment to observe a piece Ann has created and it resonates with them, she feels then she has succeeded in her work.

Ann Paintings

Tranquility, Silence, Infinity
Ann's works are like vast but empty plains that indifferently draw the viewer inward. On the one
hand, the small dimensions of the works beautifully contrast with this vastness. In some works,
images quickly abstract, and a common thread among different levels becomes unidentifiable. The
artist's pen is filled with emotion, tranquility, and against it, coldness and silence. One of the
attractive features of these works is the illusion of being immersed in strange familiar landscapes,
one by one

Sfumato Team

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