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Anoushka Bhalla

Using symbolically charged, primordial and archaeological elements like terracotta, charcoal, ash, dirt, shellac that symbolise history 

Anoushka Bhalla's practice explores existence through visual research into the materialization of collective trauma and the decay of collective intergenerational memory. Her art, vacillating between the abstract and the representational, is derived from historical archives of ethnic cleansing within the wider global landscape and her homeland of South Asia. Born out of histories of bodily trauma, the loom of death and the spectacle of genocide as seen through memories of ancestral massacres, local and global holocausts, histories of slavery, lynching and other modes of violences, I engage with art-making to contend with the loss of my ancestors who were martyred to these forgotten bloodbaths.

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We are excited to invite you to visit Anoushka solo exhibition by clicking below button.


Anoushka Paintings

In the realm of artistic creation, from the formation of an idea to the realization of a work, it has always been the domain of contemplation and thoughtful analysis. What defines the relationship between the artist and their lived experiences, and how does this mental sensibility manifest in the artistic creation, transforming into a visual phenomenon through form and color?


The prevalent atmosphere in Anoushka's works embodies an abstract and expressive mood. In the majority of these pieces, the background and canvas of the paintings are a blend of rough textures and dark, intermingling colors that contrast with the formal and conceptual aspects of the works.


The intricate detailing of emotions and the liberation of craftsmanship encounter various tools, leading to a more experiential expression. It is a space where the artist relies more on their inclination and personal expression, presenting the outcome in a freer form.

Sfumato Team

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