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Brandi Dieter

Brandi Dieter is an artist from Colorado who specializes in drawing with colored pencils.Growing up, Brandi lived in an adventurous family who enjoyed spending time outdoors and exploring ghost towns and old mining towns around the mountainous areas of Colorado. Her love for exploration and historical places inspired her to embark on a new journey in her art by drawing old dilapidated buildings that have long been deserted. She graduated from University of Northern Colorado in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications in order to pursue a career in the field of Graphic Design. During her time at UNC, Brandi discovered her love for drawing abandoned buildings in one of her drawing classes and has since continued the series.

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Vagrant Meadow

We are excited to invite you to visit the Brandi solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

I work with a variety of different mediums including colored pencils, pen and ink,
embroidery floss and clay. As a child, I would often observe my mom filling in the fine
details on one of her extraordinary pet portraits with a freshly sharpened colored pencil
in amazement. Because of my mom's influence, working with colored pencils has
become one of my favorite mediums to work with and my colored pencils drawings are
some of my most successful pieces.

Brandi Paintings

Survival is the most crucial motive for any living species to thrive, whether as a collective or an
individual. When life is threatened, the urge to survive takes precedence in an individual scenario.
The concept of Brandi's painting collection, selected with a fully personal mindset, finds survival
summed up in resistance. In the majority of her works, we are presented with complex and delicate
compositions in which geometric divides serve as a dividing feature for spectator-eye movement. The
juxtaposition of a colorful, harmonious nature beside man-made ruins represents peace and survival
in a world full of life and excitement. The artist's juxtaposition of these two unknown human figures
inspires the need to exist in the human imagination via the conflict between the environment, nature
and human ruins.

Sfumato Team

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