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Cher Pruys

To take my inner visions with my hands and create a work of art for you the viewer ....

That is the ultimate in self expression.
I am very drawn to shiny surfaces as well as transparent objects, especially when the lighting brings them to life. Water is a subject that encompasses both movement, translucency that I find enticing. I look for beauty in everyday objects that most people take for granted or just don’t truly see them as they are. The seemingly boring and mundane subjects can truly be like
magnets if portrayed in the right light. Shiny metal is one of those materials that can host endless visions….the light hits it and the reflections are captured on the smooth, sleek surface…an artists dream!


Blind Spot

We are excited to invite you to visit Cher solo exhibition by clicking below button.


Cher Paintings

At first glance, this collection of works appears to depict a child-oriented world; however, a closer
examination reveals a deeper complexity, which differs considerably from the typical image of a
vibrant world associated with such subjects. The prevailing atmosphere is one of spatial anxiety,
suggesting a more serious undertone in this seemingly unsafe yet vibrant world. It is evident from
Cher's works that the artist consistently engages the viewer in a clever interplay between reality and
the shattered images, blurring the line between the real and the imagined.

Sfumato Team

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