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Cher Pruys

That is the ultimate in self expression.I am very drawn to shiny surfaces as well as transparent objects, especially when the lighting brings them to life. Water is a subject that encompasses both movement, translucency that I find enticing. I look for beauty in everyday objects that most people take for granted or just don’t truly see them as they are. The seemingly boring and mundane subjects can truly be likemagnets if portrayed in the right light. Shiny metal is one of those materials that can host endless visions….the light hits it and the reflections are captured on the smooth, sleek surface…an artists dream!

How would you describe/define yourself?

I am a Fine Art Artist specializing in Hyperrealism using Acrylics as my main

When and why did you decide to choose painting designing as a career? 

Ever since age 4, when I was rarely without a crayon or pencil in hand
trying to capture on paper what my eyes were seeing all around me, I
knew I wanted to be an artist. I was very blessed as a child to have
parents who exposed me to many art forms including music and ballet
which I studied and ended up with a teaching degree in piano.

What according to you is a favorite part of being a Paint Artist?

I absolutely love taking a simple blob of paint and turning it into a
beautiful piece of artwork. The molding and manipulating of the medium
of my choice is such an intimate, fulfilling experience.

What inspires you as an Artist? How do you visualize your muses?

Well I cover a wide array of subject matter, looking for beauty in the
most mundane subjects at times, but also loving to capture the life in my
living subjects, so concentrating on the eyes, eyebrows and mouths,
especially those of children with their spontaneity and innocence.

What’s your signature painting element? And why?

I would say that my signature element is connection…I feel that
achieving a connection with my subject matter and extending that
connection to my audience is the ultimate achievement for me.

The painting you created are best without any doubt, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such painting?  

Memories from childhood , the innocence, wonder and sense of
adventure…catching those delightful white flakes falling from the sky,
cold and wet landing on your tongue, melting in to you…such joy!

What’s the best piece of artistic advice you’ve heard? And do you follow it?

The best advise I ever heard was to follow the beat of your own drum, so
in otherwards, do it your way, follow your intuition.

As we all know job of a painter is very tough. So how do you keep your mental and physical health fit?

I am religious in my mental and physical health. I suffer from advanced
rheumatoid arthritis and chronic migraines so it is essential for me to
adhere to a strict regime of healthy eating, strength training and yoga
first thing in the morning followed by a 1 hour walk with my 4 wonderful
Australian labradoodles. I also make sure to connect daily with my
spouse of course but also family and close friends as being an artist can
be a very isolated profession with long hours spent in the studio.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it big as a Paint Artist? 

Find your own style. Admire and learn from established artists whom
you admire but aim to be an individual whether by subject or style or
both. Be prepared to pay your dues with long hours and hard work and
to learn to accept constructive criticism and to accept failure as a
stepping stone to success.

To whom would you like to give credits of your journey till now?

Follow your dreams…Life is short so spread your wings and fly!


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