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Colette Jackson

Colette Jackson is an emerging artist living in rural Kilkenny.
Originally from Dublin, Jackson began her career working in
costume for film and has worked extensively in this field across Ireland and America for many years. This background has influenced Jackson's visual arts practice, using self-taught and textile construction techniques; she typically works with paints, fabrics and inks.
Light, colour, texture and a sense of play perform a pivotal role in each piece the artist creates. Jackson is influenced and inspired by artists such as Harry Clarke and Paul Klee and their use of structure and light.



We are excited to invite you to visit Colette solo exhibition by clicking below button.


Colette Paintings

Abstract painting, by intentionally avoiding any direct representation of the tangible world,
distances itself from natural forms and identifiable material shapes. Colette's works embrace this
concept, employing a consistent palette of surfaces, textures, and linear expressions. They reflect the
spontaneous and emotional interactions of the artist, capturing moments or sensations on canvas.
The interweaving and improvisational nature reveals the sensory and emotional thoughts of the
artist within her pieces.

Sfumato Team

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