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Colette Jackson

Jackson is motivated by themes of nature and capturing light. This is evident in the use of hand-sewn metallic thread and metallic paint crescendos, resulting in works
that are responsive to their surroundings.
Jackson endeavours, throughout the creative process, to imbue her practice with an allegorical quality, as influenced by the histories of textile materials and her studies of the natural world around her.

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How would you describe/define yourself?

 I’m a self-thought Artist who enjoys creating art pieces using mixed media mostly acrylic paints, inks  & textile pieces.

When and why did you decide to choose painting designing as a career? 

As a child I enjoyed spending time painting and drawing a place I loved to go to. I’ve always worked in a creative capacity mostly in film.

 In 2018 I decided to make a change and turned my creative energy into creating art pieces. 

This came about through dealing with loss of a family member and close friends over a short period of time it was for me a way to process grief and allow myself time to create.


What according to you is a favorite part of being a Paint Artist?

The best part of being an artist is enjoying the process of creating, with the magic of not knowing what the end result will be.  Trying new techniques, paints, inks, fabrics and building up layers and textures to achieve this.

What inspires you as an Artist? How do you visualize your muses?

My inspiration comes from nature close up, seeing the flash of colours in things like Kingfishers, Pheasants, and Butterflies when they catch the light and produce a sort of iridescence that is magical.

What’s your signature painting element? And why?

My signature-painting element is weaving metallics into the piece. This changes the artwork reflecting the light whether natural or artificial, day or night thus giving a transformative effect depending on light and viewers perspective.


What’s the best piece of artistic advice you’ve heard? And do you follow it?

If you are creating artwork you want to last the test of time use quality products, paints and inks with great pigments that wont fade. This is something I’ve taken on board. 

As we all know job of a painter is very tough. So how do you keep your mental and physical health fit?


I do Buddhist chanting every day it helps keep me calm, focuses my mind and draws in positive energy. I also take time out to walk my dogs, Daisy & Honey, both, Jack Russell Chihuahua crosses, living as I do in a beautiful part of Ireland with lovely river, woodland, and meadow literally on my doorstep.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it big as a Paint Artist? 


Follow your heart, trust your intuition.  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  


To whom would you like to give credits of your journey till now?

The Gagliardi Family for giving me the opportunity to show my work internationally.


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