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Marco Papini


Self-taught artist, born in Milan in 1958, he completed technical studies in Turin and began his pictorial career at the end of a management career in the pleasure yachts industry where, for many years, he worked in industrial design. Always passionate about photography and art, he is fascinated by cubism, surrealism, the informal, the "pop" era, sources of inspiration for his works. He focuses his works mainly on the female figure, on faces, on family affections, on classic works of the past, on landscapes. They appear as if they were moments captured by the photographic shot and transferred to the canvas, like images sometimes in solarized black and white, sometimes coloured. His works exhibited in Italy and abroad have received the approval of the public and critics and are published in art magazines and catalogues.

In June 2023 he won 1st prize at the "Artisti d'Italia" exhibition held at the Villa Reale in Monza and presented by the art critic Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi who wrote :    "In many ways, Papini's path is exemplary among those undertaken by participants in exhibitions of the Artisti d'Italia type. Papini did not train in an acadeImy or other artistic schools, carrying out professional activities in the field of pleasure yachts design. The passion for art, that of others, then also that produced on one's own behalf, he develops independently by learning about Cubism as well as foreign and Italian Pop Art, from which it is presumable that he derived the photographic transfer procedure with which he is provided a starting point for the most characteristic pictorial elaborations. "Il Giardino del Bene e del Male" (The Garden of Good and Evil)confirms Papini's graphic predisposition, again a daughter of Pop Art, favoring the treatment of the subject according to an advanced frontal plane with respect to which the one behind compresses forward as if wanting to reduce the depth of field as much as possible, to use photographic terminology. It is essentially a close-up and rather varied floral composition, spread along two panels of equivalent dimensions, in which the individual elements follow one another like islands with a defined outline whose simplified interiors differ chromatically, with a certain balance between warm and cold tones , emerging by contrast from a dark background. In the intricate and planar mass of plants, one can barely distinguish a pollinating insect, which is important in Papini's expressive intentions

Jérôme "Trëz" Oudot


My name is Jérôme Oudot, I'm a visual artist living in the Paris region, my work is signed with my pseudonym Trëz. I've always been attracted to pictorial creation, and as a teenager I studied the use of traditional and digital creative tools, which continued during my higher education at an art school in the south of France (ESMA). So it's not surprising that my work combines different creative tools such as painting, drawing and digital art... I began exhibiting my work in 2009 in France and around the world (USA, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Spain...) in numerous galleries and events alongside many artists I admire. Since then, my work has taken on a professional dimension, and I now devote all my time to creation.



My work confronts matter and mind. I create body-structures, a kind of chaotic, composite architecture in which the organic and the geometric are mixed and torn apart. My work is resolutely focused on man's relationship with himself, his quest for knowledge, his contradictions, his relationship with others, with his time and his environment. All this translates into a mix of mediums, accumulations and subtractions of layers of material, fragmentations and hybridizations, constantly in search of what lies behind... beyond appearances.

Barry R Adamson


Barry R Adamson is an artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK who paints images of things he finds fascinating – situations, landscapes, but mainly people. He loves to sketch passersby when he's on vacation abroad, sketch his friends, occasionally sketch a celebrity. Then some of these sketches get worked-up to paintings. He hopes the viewer can see into the depth of his landscapes and imagine they are there. Barry works in oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels. Barry is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art.



ARTIST’S BIO_BARRY R ADAMSON Currently exhibiting six paintings at The Big Art Show, Paisley, Scotland, UK. Participated in several online exhibitions including Las Lagunas, Laguna Beach, California and 118 Gallery, Brooklyn. Retired from his own graphic design business September 2021 to focus on painting in oils, watercolours and acrylics and exhibit. His photomontage was exhibited in Rome in November 2020. Worked as a graphic designer in design studios and publishing for 45 years. Exhibited at joint exhibitions 1996-98, Compass Gallery, Art Exposure Gallery and Janyce Art, all in Glasgow. Graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, DipAD, 1972-76. Born Paisley 1954.

Rosemond Nyamewaa Van-Ess