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Jaden Zen

As a joyful artist, Jaden brings a unique perspective to the canvas.

Jaden is an imaginative artist known for creating vibrant and whimsical artwork. With a love for colors and creativity, he draws pieces that transport viewers to magical worlds filled with wonder and joy. Based in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, he draws inspiration from the enchantment of everyday life. 



We are excited to invite you to visit Jaden solo exhibition by clicking below button.

Jaden Paintings

Jaden's works are distinguished by the convergence of compressed spaces within minimalist environments. Through a fusion of colors, the artist's perspective encompasses childlike playfulness, emotions, and sentiments by depicting the mundane aspects of life while challenging human existential dilemmas.
A pleasing contrast is created between the simplicity of the brushstrokes and the harmonious coexistence of colors. Instead of stagnant objects, Jaden's works depict an inner world that appears intertwined with reality, yet in contradiction with it.
Through the use of a blend of colors and minimal floating objects within the void, this fantastical realm conveys a sense of deep reality and dreams. Upon first encounter with the abstracted image, the viewer is able to distinguish these two worlds and is stirred by its power to evoke inner emotions.
There is an allusion to the scattered display of emotions of humans and their constantly shifting world by juxtaposing conflicting meanings evident in scattered scenes without a sense of permanence. 

Sfumato Team

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