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Jasmine Azarian

Jasmine Azarian is an Irish Iranian ContemporaryArtist. She has an Interdisciplinary backgroundworking in various creative fields such as sound,design and fashion.

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How would you describe/define yourself?

I would describe myself as creative, intuitive, self aware, a dreamer and also a big kid at heart. I always try to keep my inner child alive, I think that’s very important because that’s where my creativity lies. I always gravitate towards creative jobs and have worked in many different fields but it’s important that I’ve have creative freedom and that it’s playful. 

When and why did you decide to choose painting designing as a career? 

I think I decided to be an artist unconsciously when I was 4 or 5. I would draw pictures of clowns and sell them in primary school and then around 10, I started customising rocks with glitter pens and selling those for 50p a pop. Those were quite popular but I got into trouble for selling things in school so I had to stop. 

I ended up pursuing a career in music as it seemed like a new challenge so I decided to study music production for my BA and became a professional DJ. I was very fortunate in that career and travelled to lots of different places but unfortunately I had health issues and it ended my career prematurely so I turned to art nearly two years ago. I always knew I would do art at some stage of my life so that’s why I decided to do my MA in graphic design. 


What according to you is a favorite part of being a Paint Artist?

The freedom of how I can spend my time and the ability to travel when I choose. I honestly believe time is much more valuable than earning loads of money. I would rather make less and have more time doing what I love but that comes with risks of course. Everyone one has a different belief system, I want to experience as much as possible in my time here as I believe that’s what truly makes you rich and being an artist can facilitate the lifestyle I want. 

I am aware of my privilege and not everyone has that luxury to pursue their dream jobs so I’m am incredibly grateful for that.

What inspires you as an Artist? How do you visualize your muses?

This is a very new path for me. I am still at an experimental stage and working on my own style. I’m mostly painting in monochrome and grey scales, someone once told me my work was a mix between Dali, Antonio Saura & Pierre Soulanges which is a huge compliment as I do enjoy their work. 

I don’t have a muse and I’m not sure I feel about that word itself but that’s another topic entirely. I’m constantly inspired by various things in life. Even a scenario or something someone said can trigger an idea.

I love Maria Guimarães work, I think she has a very unique perspective and I love her use of colours. She is a great storyteller which is conveyed through her paintings. 

What’s your signature painting element? And why?

I wouldn’t say signature per se, but I do have a favourite piece that I’ve framed and it’s in my house. It’s an abstract piece that purely came from my subconscious, my Louvre collection was based on this painting. There is just something about it and I can’t put my finger on it, maybe I like it because it’s pure and it came from within, without much thought. For my Dublin street collection that was very different from my other work as I wanted to send a message across as it’s out there for the public to see. So there’s definitely more of an obvious statement than my other pieces. 

The painting you created are best without any doubt, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such painting?  

Oh wow thanks, that’s quite a big statement haha. I’m not sure exactly which painting you are referring to so I can’t answer that precisely. But it’s always nice to hear. I love dystopias and retro futurism stylistically. I crave the past but then the future holds so much unknown. I find the subconscious fascinating, I think a lot of the answers lie within us. I think everything is connected and that’s inspiring. My biggest inspiration is the human existence. 


What’s the best piece of artistic advice you’ve heard? And do you follow it?

That we should create art for ourselves and not other people. I have often had severe creative blocks because of trying to create stuff that other people might like or to monetise from the work. 

When I’m creating a painting I’m often thinking about whether this will match the person's decor, is it too much etc. I think there will always be this element of creating for others but it’s important to also create for yourself even if you’re not selling it, just to let those creative juices flow. 

As we all know job of a painter is very tough. So how do you keep your mental and physical health fit?


I think being an artist is relatively chill in comparison to other jobs. The thing about it is, it’s going to be subjective to different artists. However I do think it’s important to look after yourself regardless of what career you have. 

The main issue is you have to be self motivated and you can easily spend your day rotting in bed. I do have my days where I procrastinate but I try my best to be productive as possible and also not beat myself up if I haven’t done much. I think we need to be kinder to ourselves and if we are too critical this can even worsen procrastination and kill creativity. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it big as a Paint Artist? 


I think it’s important to put yourself out there, go to different openings, galleries, events etc. You never know who you’re going to meet. Sometimes you can make better contacts at an event with 5 people than 100. 

You never know when you could come into contact with a life changing opportunity.

And at the beginning of your career it’s very important to be flexible and humble. Sometimes you won’t gain anything financially but you can’t put a price on the experience or connections you can potentially make.


To whom would you like to give credits of your journey till now?

I would like to credit 4 year old Jasmine. Sometimes when we are lost on our path we should look to what we enjoyed the most when we were children. Most of us were our most authentic selves then, without the need for external validations or influences. We were the purest versions of ourselves so we should reflect on that more often. 


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