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Jean-Louis Bianchi

My aim is to illustrate my emotions.

Jean-Louis Bianchi was born and raised in Corsica, France and moved to the U.K. in 2009. He currently lives in South east London where he embraces his love for art and culture. The artist is skilled in different art forms which include photography and contemporary abstract paintings. His love for travels, sea, sky and nature inspire his artworks. From an early age art has held a special place in Jean-Louis ’s heart. His mother was a major artistic influence and ignited Jean-louis’ passion for creativity. With intense fascination Jean-Louis closely observed his mother as she created paintings, drawings, and was taking pictures . He credits his mother for having taught him many fundamentals about artistic expression.

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We are excited to invite you to visit Jean solo exhibition by clicking below button.


Jean Paintings

Abstract art is a global discourse, detached from tangible perception and external reality. It is a world emerging from the artist's consciousness in confrontation with the surrounding world, shaped in a captivating manner based on their reception, emotions, and feelings. Through painterly action and distancing themselves from concreteness, the artist explores a space where real elements manifest in an abstract form, liberated from the constraints of object-bound reality. This results in a world that often unfolds before us on a significantly broader scale. Much like most abstract artworks, Jean's paintings distance themselves from objective representation. Instead, they present
behavior stemming from the artist's emotions and sensations, placing the viewer in a direct and emotional encounter with the surrounding world.

Sfumato Team

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