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Jennifer Hannigan-Green

Midwest native, Jennifer Hannigan-Green is a figurative abstract painter. Originally, a landscape painter illustrating her walk through nature, Jennifer’s style has changed over the years becoming more simplified and expressive, illustrating her walk through life. Her work shares deep, personal moments. She captures emotional stories through her use of color and shapes. Jennifer has had her paintings shown throughout the world from Paris, France to St. Louis, Missouri, and has received an American Art Award two years in a row.

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We are excited to invite you to visit the Jennifer solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

Jennifer Paintings

It is the sense of liberation and freedom of expression as well as the emotive expression of the artist's
work that distinguish her work. According to the artist herself, her pieces serve as a means of
conveying her emotions and feelings. A combination of bright colors and intertwined forms, as well
as an emphasis on harmonizing inner emotions, are the cornerstones of reaching depths beyond
earthly existence. Color blending conveys a sense of illusion and darkness simultaneously.

Sfumato Team

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