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Judith T.Irwin

Judith T. Irwin is a visual artist. Her talents lie not only in the visual arts but also in the horticultural. She has a bachelor degree in illustration design from California Collage of the Arts. For over 20 years she has freelanced as a fine maintenance gardener and aesthetic pruner. The combination of the being a visual artist and a horticulturalist have become the inspiration for her shadow paintings.

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Symphony of Colors

We are excited to invite you to visit the Judith solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

Artist Statement These paintings are the interplay between nature and the sun. Time has stopped moving in these paintings. They are a still projection of the organic image. I may return to the same projected shadow for a few times at the same time of day to draw the shadow’s detail and catch their moment in time. Shadows captivate me. Why, you might ask? A shadow can be the perfect silhouette of a plant for only a few minutes before it becomes distorted because the earth is always moving around the sun. Capturing a shadow is a race with time, I find my inspiration through daily observation of the green living world that surrounds me. Forever searching to capture a crisp delicate projection that inspires a painting, before the shadow becomes distorted. The colors in each painting usually reference the colors of the plants or sometimes the environment around the plant is in.

Judith Paintings

The Symphony of Colors" is the title of Judith's exhibition. The contemporary artist is always
depicting her life. In her works, we see images of various plants, with the artist focusing on their
shadows. The philosophy of shadows and playing with them has deep philosophical roots, as
shadows always stem from a source of light and lack materiality. Now, in this collection, we witness

shadows of nature depicted with vibrant colors, highlighting the contrast between existence and non-
existence. Playing with the shadows of plants and portraying the delightful images of plants with

colors challenges the boundary between being and non-being. The childlike joy and yet intelligent
integration of these two profound themes demonstrate the artist's deep insight.

Sfumato Team

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