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Kenan Kocak

He was born on 11 August 1956 in Çorum/Turkey and started oil painting in June-2006. He has worked in Hızır Teppeev's atelier in Ankara/ Turkey for two years during the weekends. Now, he works as a freelance artist in an old house- 1926; at Edremit/ Balikesir- Turkey; restored as an atelier in September 2010.

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The Temptation

We are excited to invite you to visit the Kenan solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

It seems that Life is an illusion to be fulfilled as joy and/or pain in line with an individual’s
purpose in the World. Then, Art, as a higher level of illusion, should be able to contribute to
advance or increase the degree of consciousness for all. In terms of motivation, ”Constructive
Freedom” is the essence of my works for energy transfer per se, since I believe that destruction
is one of the biggest issues to be tackled in today’s world.
In terms of technique, I try to explore my inner world for the harmony of means and ends, using
experimentation through the door of intuition…

Kenan Paintings

Every artist is constantly striving to engage their own emotions and feelings in creating artistic works. What distinguishes these works is their direction towards emotional sentiments that the artist's subconscious mind is always challenged by. From concept to execution, in each of Kenan's works, we witness an endless path where the first stroke of color on the canvas shapes this path. It becomes imbued with the artist's teachings and emotions, ultimately facing us with an artwork that the audience becomes a fellow traveler with the artist.
In Kenan's works, we encounter a flat space with simple composition, and sometimes a noticeable unity. Concepts and lines quickly delve into abstraction, and the intertwining of colors brings abstraction to tangibility.

Sfumato Team

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