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Kenan Kocak

It seems that Life is an illusion to be fulfilled as joy and/or pain in line with an individual’spurpose in the World. Then, Art, as a higher level of illusion, should be able to contribute toadvance or increase the degree of consciousness for all. In terms of motivation, ”ConstructiveFreedom” is the essence of my works for energy transfer per se, since I believe that destructionis one of the biggest issues to be tackled in today’s world.In terms of technique, I try to explore my inner world for the harmony of means and ends, usingexperimentation through the door of intuition…

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How would you describe/define yourself?

A natural and sincere person. I firmly believe that "sincerity" comes with honesty, which means
seeking the truth and sticking to it.

When and why did you decide to choose painting designing as a career? 

I started painting as a hobby at fifties (2006) to prepare for retirement, and it turned into
something that I truly enjoy.

What according to you is a favorite part of being a Paint Artist?

Painting provides me with the freedom to express myself creatively, and it allows me to create
something new.

What inspires you as an Artist? How do you visualize your muses?

As an artist, what inspires me is the external and internal worlds. External factors such as
environmental concerns and social events drive my attitudes and actions. Internally, there is an
energetic interaction between my external and internal worlds. Visualizing my muses involves having
their support where needed or walking with them where possible.

What’s your signature painting element? And why?

My paintings do not follow any specific path or rule, so I am not sure if there is a concrete
signature element in them. However, the concept of "constructive freedom" is often present in my
abstract paintings.

The painting you created are best without any doubt, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such painting?  

Thank you for the compliment. The inspiration for my paintings comes from two interconnected
areas: my brain and heart. The theta waves of the brain are activated at sunrise, and the purity of the
heart is crucial. There are also external energies and communicative sources that contribute to my
creations more than myself I believe.

What’s the best piece of artistic advice you’ve heard? And do you follow it?

The best artistic advice I have ever received is from my mentor Hızır Teppeev. He taught me to
"respect your brushes." I have followed this advice and spread the understanding to others.

As we all know job of a painter is very tough. So how do you keep your mental and physical health fit?

To maintain my physical health, I have reduced my working hours inside and switched to acrylic
paint. Mentally, spending time with my family and nature helps me feel more centered. Inner peace
plays an important role in overall health.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in their career and hoping to make it big as a Paint Artist? 

My advice to someone starting their career as an artist is to keep practicing and learning new
techniques. Familiarize yourself with different materials and equipment, and work with enthusiasm.
Being yourself and enjoying what you do is essential.

To whom would you like to give credits of your journey till now?

I am grateful to everyone who has helped, supported, and challenged me in this journey. I would
like to thank my family for their understanding and to my mentor, Hızır Teppeev, for his guidance and

Anything you wish to share or quote in your interview?

I would like to suggest to the audience/viewers to give some time to the artwork and let them speak
silently while being ready to explore their adventurous music...
Thank You for taking the time to read the interview.


"Sfumato means the technique used by Leonardo in an aerial perspective, in which the lines soften like smoke, merge into the air and disappear. Sfumato Gallery itself, in addition to its direct contributions to art, within many of its activities that sincerely support artists, functioning as an important art center whereas appropriate to the name of the Gallery you cannot directly see the contributors as managers and the staff, still, you may sense the good hearts at the base and their professional and positive efforts for the sake of quality."

Kenan Kocak

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