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Michel Jegerlehner

Michel Jegerlehner, painter, is immersed daily in the world of visual arts. In 1987, he founded his own illustration and photo editing business, where he primarily used airbrushing to create bespoke illustrations in response to specific commissions from graphics and communications companies. His work has resulted in the creation of major advertising campaigns, some of which have been recognized with prestigious awards. Over the years, he worked closely with Marty Design, an internationally renowned designer, to create a large mural exhibited at the UPSA Training Center in Yverdon-les-Bains. Michel Jegerlehner has also worked as a tattoo artist for many years, winning numerous awards at conventions dedicated to tattooing. His skin-etched works have been featured in trade journals, and he was honored to have his work published in a book on tattoos, edited by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. These captivating professions allowed him to refine his own artistic sensitivity. As a contemporary artist, his graphic, colorful and precise style has earned him participation in collective and individual exhibitions. Photography also plays a significant role in his life. A detail, an element, an angle of view or a singular light captures his attention and he immortalizes them through his lens, thus revealing his keen sense of visual aesthetics.


    Contemporary Art

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    My inspiration comes from a multitude of observations, the shapes and structures of a building, the shadows and lights captured on objects, the colors on a stained glass window, a flower, a street, the reflections and contrasts on glass surfaces. I use all these things to create my paintings. I paint mainly with acrylic paints and markers to accentuate the sharpness and contours of my subjects. I like to change my style and try new techniques. I find it fascinating to succeed and give emotion to an image with simplified and precise shapes. I like bright colors and strong contrasts, playing with light and shadow. My works are characterized by a modern and graphic style with bright colors. When I paint, time is suspended.

    Michel Paintings

    This artist's statement is a vibrant window into a creative process that thrives on the interplay of observation, form, and color. The inspiration drawn from diverse sources—ranging from architectural elements to natural phenomena—highlights a keen sensitivity to the world's visual complexities. This eclectic approach suggests a versatility in the artist’s practice, embracing both the man-made and the natural with equal reverence.

    The use of acrylic paints and markers points to a deliberate choice of medium that supports the artist’s focus on precision and clarity. Acrylics, known for their quick drying time and vibrant pigmentation, allow for the bold, bright colors that the artist favors. Markers add to this by enabling crisp, clean lines that enhance the sharpness and contours of the subjects. This combination of materials underlines a commitment to modernity and a graphic style, suggesting influences perhaps from pop art or contemporary design.

    The artist’s enjoyment in experimenting with styles and techniques speaks to a dynamic and evolving practice. This willingness to explore new methods not only keeps the work fresh and engaging but also reflects an underlying curiosity and a refusal to be confined by a single aesthetic. The fascination with achieving emotional resonance through simplified and precise shapes points to a minimalist influence, where less is often more, and where each element within the composition must earn its place.

    The preference for bright colors and strong contrasts is central to the artist’s visual language. This chromatic boldness, paired with the manipulation of light and shadow, creates a sense of depth and dimension that can transform flat surfaces into something almost tangible. The play of light and shadow, a technique reminiscent of chiaroscuro, adds drama and intensity, pulling viewers into the work and encouraging them to linger.

    Describing the act of painting as a suspension of time conveys a deep immersion in the creative process. This temporal suspension suggests a meditative or transcendent quality to the artist’s work, where the outside world fades, and the focus narrows to the canvas and the unfolding image. It is in this state that the artist finds a rhythm and flow, channeling inspiration into form.

    In conclusion, this statement reveals an artist deeply engaged with both the observational and expressive aspects of their craft. The commitment to bold colors, sharp contrasts, and a modern graphic style, combined with a fluid approach to technique and style, results in work that is not only visually striking but also emotionally resonant. The artist's journey through their creative process is one of exploration and discovery, where each painting becomes a testament to their ability to capture and convey the multifaceted beauty of the world around them.

    Sfumato Team

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