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Mikhail Baranovskiy

He is born in 1963,  Israeli

Mikhail Baranovskiy is a contemporary painter based in Israel, known not only for his artistic prowess but also for his contributions as a writer, playwright, and screenwriter. Born in the USSR in 1963, he embarked on his creative journey, culminating in a graduation from Southern Federal University with a degree in Journalism in 1985. Over the years, he diversified his talents, working across various media and crafting film scripts and plays for the theater. An accomplished author, Baranovskiy has penned approximately a dozen books catering to both adult and young readers.

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Life Time

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I've spent most of my life writing books, screenplays and plays. I understand well what a plot is, how it is built, what the laws of drama are. In the last ten years, stories are still being made up, but now I tell them differently. The writer in me has not gone away - he exchanged the pen for the brush. And in painting, as in literature, plot, conflict, drama, and a successful metaphor are important to me. I don't paint landscapes or still lifes. I am interested in a person in the lyrical, comic and tragic moments of his life.

Mikhail Baranovskiy

Mikhail Paintings

Although significant aspects of idea generation in the process of creating artwork depend on the artist's understanding and perception of external elements, what ultimately appears as the artwork in the viewer's perspective is the refined image due to the artist's inner mindset. Faced with various aspects of everyday life and extrapolating them into his inner world, the artist implements different narratives on the canvas.
Emphasis on human momentary emotions and philosophical perspectives on human behavior are among the characteristics of these works. The partial satire in depicting what everyone experiences in life creates a sense of greater camaraderie in this collection of works. This is because the artist seeks to encourage living well in the passage of life. Mikhail is a very talented artist in depicting and composing works, elements of boldness and sharp colors shout out liberation from concerns.

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