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Natalia Junasova 

Her paintings have a high degree of artistic abstraction.

Natália Junasová is a young (born in 1990) Slovak artist from Partizánske. Already in her childhood, you could notice a significant artistic talent and an extraordinary child's imagination. In the years 2005 – 2010, she studied Applied Painting at the Dezider Kardoš Private Conservatory of Applied Art in
Topoľčany, and then at the same school she completed training in the field of Promotional Art, manual processing of textiles. Her paintings have a high degree of artistic abstraction, which she achieves with the help of outlines of simplified objects created mostly from linear strokes and expressive colors. In his works, according to his own words, he investigates microbiological relationships, the functioning of various phenomena in the world around him, he devotes himself to ancient cultures and their legacy while observing natural human curiosity. He does not shy away from examining the consumer society and social relations in it, and emotions in an elementary form. Its goal is to arouse reflection on serious questions using positive emotions.

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We are excited to invite you to visit Natalia solo exhibition by clicking below button.

Natalia Paintings

The work here appears to illustrate the artist's direct confrontation with her craft's tools and a sense
of greater liberation within their work. With self-assurance, she has focused on what she loves. In
this regard, Natalia's works lend themselves more to interpretations that define design with seamless
execution, expecting the artist to confront emotions and a more expressive form through fine
manipulation and a liberated hand with the tools. Her pieces exude a vibrant sense of life through
the artist's linear expression, juxtaposing turmoil alongside nuanced and profound meanings. The
colorful palettes in each work bring forth a triumphant delight, all the while delivering profound
conceptual depth.

Sfumato Team

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