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Sharat Pandit

As an abstract artist, He brings colors and emotions.

Art is a way of life!

All his artworks are totally intuitive and imaginative just follow his instinct. He is inspired by Nature and the Ocean.



We are excited to invite you to visit Sharat solo exhibition by clicking below button.

Sharat Paintings

The sea has always been a symbol of infinity; whenever they are mentioned, our minds are drawn to the ocean's boundlessness and vastness.

Sharat's artwork consistently conveys the feeling of contradiction between the infinite and captivity. There is no clear distinction between tangible and intangible surfaces in this artist's pieces, which allows the surfaces to blend. His use of small dimensions creates a paradoxical contradiction of infinity in the viewer's mind, almost as if the artist has depicted a barrier that prevents the viewer from entering the portrayed world.

Sfumato Team

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