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Stephanie Hopkins

Relatively new to the art scene, Stephanie has been creating new works of art for the last five years. Largely a self-taught artist, Stephanie started painting out of a need for furnishing in her own home. What started as a decor endeavor - and gifts for others - has become a passion.
Nestled in the quaint little town of Alvin, TX, Stephanie works with a variety of mixed media in her home studio: Oils, watercolor, and metal foil amongst other "found" items.

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Dreamy Nature

We are excited to invite you to visit Stephanie solo exhibition by clicking the below button.

Within each piece of artwork, is a story: Stephanie's self portrait or the story of a particular location, state of emotion. She likes to draw the viewer into the story with her humble topics that others may have experienced along the way in their own lives. Obsessed with the process of art, Stephanie holds true to finding new methods of bringing the subject matter of her painting to life. Included in that, she takes time to develop each piece so that the subject can tell its own story, whether it be from an ancient tree telling us about all that they've seen throughout the ages to the eyes of a young child helping their grandfather. All of her inspiration comes from the environment she is surrounded by and loves: God, nature, family.

Stephanie Paintings

For Stephanie, everything in nature can be inspiring. The artist intelligently extracts from nature and playfully portrays it, using natural intelligence to make it her own. Stephanie miraculously minimizes nature into a minimalist form, turning it into inner elements as if they have taken shape from her existence.
Nature and imagination intertwine, shaping the artist's inner world. Everywhere the artist exaggerates in portraying, there lies a turning point with storytelling and imagination. Ultimately, in every detail of her paintings, we see the artist's essence, energy, and inherent joy.​

Sfumato Team

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